Berri Canoe and Kayak

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to canoeing and kayaking around Berri. Enjoy a great experience with Canoe Adventures Riverland: Ph 0421 167 645 as they take the hassle out of everything when it comes to your canoe and kayaking journey.

Katarapko Canoe Trail

Katarapko Canoe Trail

Katarapko section of the Murray River National Park

Katarapko Creek Canoe Trail is perfectly suited to a day paddle or overnight kayak/canoe camping. It is easily navigated and has many good campsites to choose from. Car access to launch and finish points is good. Paddlers with appropriate equipment and a basic skill level will find the Katarapko region an interesting and safe area to explore. Never the less, it is wise to take into account the planning considerations outlined at Canoe SA. It is also important to check the weather forecast.

In the summer, day time temperatures can be over 40C and so adequate precautions need to be taken on those days, such as staying in the shade and minimising physical exertion during the heat of the day, drinking adequate quantities of water and wearing appropriate sun protection. For those with limited experience or those new to the area it is useful to speak to someone with local knowledge (DEWNR Berri or Canoe Adventures Riverland 04211 676 45) before embarking on a trip in the area.

Katarapko Section

For a one way trip, a good option is to launch at Lock 4,  three kms upstream from the where Katarpko Creek branches off from the Murray. Any designated campsite along the way is a possible finish point as they all have vehicle access. Most often paddlers finish at Milichs Landing (on the Murray just after the end of Katarpko Creek) or 6kms further along the Murray at Loxton.

Katarapko Canoe TrailA launch and pick up service is available with Canoe Adventures Riverland: Ph 0421 167 645 (they also hire kayaks, canoes and camping equipment). A 40m portage is required around the Stone Weir on Katarapko Creek, but otherwise the paddling is easy – a good option for novices who haven’t canoe camped before.

Eckert Creek Section

The Eckert Creek Section is best suited to paddlers with a moderate level of skill and experience. It has become narrowed in sections by the growth of reeds due to limited river flows and levels. This will be significantly improved in autumn 2016 when the Eckerts Creek inlet regulator is complete and average flows will increase threefold (extensive works are being undertaken to rehabilitate this area under the Katfish Reach Project to. It will have huge benefits to the whole environment and also improve access for paddlers). It is a challenging but rewarding paddle, with shallow sections and several portages required. Note: it is important to gain current local information before planning an Eckerts Creek trip, as environmental management occasionally involves drying cycles for some sections.

Loch Luna Canoe Trail

The Loch Luna area is something of a paddler’s hidden gem. Tucked away off the main river in a world of it’s own, it features gently meandering creeks, a diverse range of waterbirds and possible glimpses of kangaroos, native water rats and goannas. It has an extensive network of waterways that is ideal for short paddles through to 2 or 3 days canoe camping trips. Nockburra and Chambers Creeks wind their way between the Murray River and Lake Bonney allowing an enticing choice of one-way or loop routes for both novice and experienced paddlers.

There are many National Parks campsites in the area along with the option of bush camping on one of the many islands.

Road access to launch spots is good, but take care if it’s recently rained – clay tracks over the floodplains become very slippery when wet! Current local information is also important when planning a route as some creeks can become completely blocked by reed growth even though canoe maps show a clear passage.

Information supplied by: Canoe Adventures Riverland (ph. 0421 167 645) hire canoes, kayaks & camping equipment and can provide transport for launching and pick-up at various different places. They are always happy to update you on current conditions.